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My book comes out on June 23rd!

Daniel & Erik Cover

Did I mention I’ve got a book coming out in June? June 23rd, to be exact. As in, *this* June 23rd.

That means I’m a busy little bee behind the scenes here — interviews to respond to, blog tour posts to write. I spent some time yesterday playing on Tumblr, or rather, having my characters play on tumblr – creating a conversation between several characters as they interact in the book. As there’s no interconnected family of apps out there like the one in my book, I have to make do with what we’ve got now.

Let’s meet Daniel’s audacious and cheeky wedding planning app, Aurora.

Aurora is a pervasive, octopus-like app, which can suck in data from any number of sources, and stores it for you — PDF files of contracts, contact information from your phone, photos, songs. Aurora provides checklists and to-do lists, in an seemingly unending supply. (Daniel laments that the checklists remaining to finish never goes down. They’re constantly stuck at a certain number.) Aurora can draft a spreadsheet for your guests food allergies, RSVP status, what they ordered for dinner, and seating arrangements.

Multiple times a day, Aurora sends out overly bubbly reminder emails of what has been checked off the list, and includes a clickbait link to an article on their website — the more clicks the article gets, the “hotter” it is!

And, just like Daniel, I have to remind myself, Aurora is not a “she”. She is not a sentient being bent on death by perky cheerfulness. Aurora is an app.

Aurora also compiles messages and responses from a website called “BeStabulous” — a site similar to Pinterest, but for those of us who might be a trifle less than demure in our opinions. Daniel “stabs” photos he likes and his invited list of “Stabbers” can add their opinions and/or votes. (This often goes awry, as Daniel’s mother is full of non-sequiturs, random information,  and writes as if she’s still in 1952.)

Aurora is part of a family of planning apps: Eos helps with family planning, Arinna with financial planning. (Sadly, those two get just a mere mention in this book. And, I’m almost certain, in any sequel, Daniel and Erik would run screaming for hills rather than use one of these apps.)

And yes. It has been suggested to me by several people that I should write an app just like Aurora. Also, that I should host a site like BeStabulous. But, I’m a writer. I’ve got enough on plate at the moment *grin*. Moreover, I’m a writer who would really rather be writing on a typewriter, or by hand — all this new-fangled technology often gets the better of a Luddite like me!

I did have fun plotting Aurora’s perky machinations, and absolutely cracked myself up writing the click-bait article titles (my husband helped come up with most of them, and can attest to the wheezing laughter behind my laptop screen.)

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading about Daniel, Erik, and that dastardly sweet Aurora app, as I did writing about them. It’s a light, fun, breezy and quirky little book, perfect for a beach-read, or sitting on your lawn-chair sipping some tea in the shade, or wherever life finds you on June 23rd!

Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Checklist will be released June 23rd and is now available for pre-order!  Also on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and through your local independent bookstore!





One thought on “My book comes out on June 23rd!

  1. I am terrified by the thought of a *more* opinionated more active more personalitied app. Runs screaming. Comes back to read book because people in love struggling with technology and family and weddings sounds delightful.

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